The term Knowledge is power really takes on a special dimension in software. This is one area where information plays a vital and dynamic  role. Tried and tested methods of providing information to those who need it, like printed documents bound together in the form of manuals, books and so on, does not really work for software information. this is because this information is very dynamic and it keeps changing and re-changing all the time.

To resolve this problem, information needs be stored in such a manner that whenever the information changes, these changes can be incorporated with the least cost and time. A tried and tested method that allows this is to store the information in the form of computer based files. these files could be stored at a central location. Once stored at a central location the files can be accessed when required for reference.

Since these files are stored at a central location on a computer, their access will also require a computer and some sort of network that connects these two computers together.

The desktop computer requesting for information is termed as the Client.

The computer serving information form a central location is termed as the Server.

The language used to develop web pages is called Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML). HTML is language interpreted by a Browser. Web Pages are also called HTML documents. HTML is a set of special  codes that can embedded in text to add formatting and linking information. HTML is specified as Tags in a HTML document.

Every HTML Program has a rigid structure. The entire web page is enclosed within <HTML></HTML> Tags. Within these tags two distinct sections are created using the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags and the <BODY></BODY> tags.

These section are described below.

Document Head 

Information placed in this section is essential to the inner workings of the documents and has nothing to do with the content of the document. With the exception of information contained within the <TITLE> </TITLE> tags, all information placed within the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags is not displayed in the browser. The HTML tags used to indicate the start and end of the head section are :

<title>Enter Your Title</title>

Document Body

The tags used to indicate the start and end of the main body of textual information are:

<BODY> .... .... .....</BODY>

Before Starting coding of HTML you have to install Notepad ++ or Dreamweaver or Sublime and browser.

Example :

<title>Enter your Title Here!</title>
      <p>Welcome to first example</p>