WordPress Tutorial

WordPress Installation on WAMP or Local Server

In this tutorial, you will learn about the complete WordPress. WordPress is the world's largest CMS(content management system).  WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP.

It is absolutely free, You can create a  Professional website in WordPress that too in very short time. Through WordPress you can save a lot of time. It’s a good idea to use WordPress for Windows in order to test any major changes to your site. This way you can catch and fix any issues before they affect your audience.

Before installation of WordPress you need some software on your desktop like - WAMP or XAMPP Server.  First you have to download a local server. So you can install one of them.

Download WAMP server : http://www.wampserver.com/en/ Click on this link and download wamp server according to your PC configuration.

Two types of WAMP server given here ! you have to download according your computer configuration.

Follow Some Easy Steps For WordPress Installation:

Download WordPress from its official Website which is given below:

  1. Click Here : https://wordpress.org/download/ and download latest version of WordPress.
  2. Extract folder and copy the folder and paste into C drive > wamp > www.
  3. open browser and enter localhost/phpmyadmin/ and in username you have to enter root and press go button.

4. Create a database, you can create with any name what you want. Here we are going to create with wordpress name.

5. After that open a new tab in browser and type localhost/wordpress and press Enter button. You can get screen as mention below. You can choose your language which you want and press continue button.

6. When you press continue button you will get another screen mention as below:

Now you have to fill Site Title, Username, Password and Your Email. After completely fill details press install WordPress Button.

In this way your WordPress has been installed successfully. Now can enter your username and password and press login button. then you will get your dashboard and you can don what you want.  Screenshot mention below: